Legal Services - Lawyers in Platja d'Aro

All Management offers to its customers, companies and individuals, all their experience that during these years have helped solve legal and legal questions that arise.As lawyers and legal advisers in Platja d'Aro, we offer a personalized and discreet treatment for each client.

All types of consultation and legal action
Comprehensive advice and complete study of company constitutionEmployment regulation files (ERO)Drafting of corporate acts and registration of operationsAdvice on real estate operationsPatent and trademark registrationSuccession protocols, study of inheritance and donations, inheritances and transmissions

Legal defense
Unpaid claim.Advice and document management
Preparation of documents:Advice and preparation of commercial contractsAdvice and preparation of private contractsAssistance in the granting of deedsLeasesBuy SellRatingsEquity transmissionsInheritance