Residence permits for investors (golden visa)

At TOT GESTIÓ we process residence permits for investors (GOLDEN VISA) that allow you to enter the country legally without obligation to stay. From a minimum investment, you will be able to enter and exit freely and will also be authorized to work or run a business without having to acquire tax residence.

The so-called GOLDEN VISA or residence for investors is characterized by an agile procedure as it allows online submission as registered Administrative Managers without having to wait for an appointment. In addition, the Law establishes for this type of residence permit for investors, a term of resolution of 20 working days, after which without being notified of express resolution, a certificate of positive administrative silence can be obtained.

With the GOLDEN VISA, foreigners can obtain the advantage of being a resident and thus avoid obtaining temporary travel visas at the corresponding Consultations or Embassies every time they want to enter the country, enjoying the peace of mind of saving these formalities. due to having a residence view for investors.

We have the necessary experience and knowledge for fast and efficient processing. We have obtained numerous authorizations of this type since the approval of the Law that regulates, among others, the so-called GOLDEN VISA.

Good results guarantee us. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you at TOT GESTIÓ - Platja d'Aro - Girona.