Labor Department: Freelancers, limited companies, joint stock companies and sole proprietorships

Marta Fuentes Torruella, Collegiate number 2105

Labor Department: It affects all the legislation that regulates the relations between workers and employers
Freelancers - natural persons - who work as self-employed entrepreneurs, make a mandatory contribution to Social Security as a self-employed person and can hire workers who are contributing to the General Scheme
In companies, limited companies, joint stock companies, sole proprietorships and others, the Administrators must make contributions to the self-employed and workers in the general scheme
La Gestoria, informs of the legal treatment that each autonomous entrepreneur or company must fulfill in relation to the administration of the Treasury and the Social Security and executes the client's order according to budget
We are responsible for constituting new companies, obtaining the CIF. Communication of company or self-employment registration to the Treasury and to the Social Security, Agreement to be applied to the employees according to the activity of the Company, professional categories, types of contracts, registrations and termination of workers, modification of contracts, preparation of payrolls and declarations to the Administration of the Treasury and Social Security, incidents and conflicts with workers, regulatory files for the various causes permitted by law, admonitions, Actions in the Labor Inspectorate, conciliations, dismissals, communications by the different benefits that workers can get.
Work permits for non-residents of the European Community and third countries.